The embers of your retiring soul spark to remind you of its immortal presence.  Even in its trim revealing form it can energize you with an idea or feeling which takes you to a fleetingly new and sudden understanding. It gives out morsels of timely flickers to draw you to attend to its embryonic light. Once you have found the spark, it will brandish and parade its value and power that you may be enticed through desire to fuel it into a fully fledged flame.  The inner presence being your light, the living flame of you, will begin to unwrap itself and blossom in response to your seeking.  It beckons you that it may lovingly show you the way home.

This inner presence is your constant companion, the only dependable source in your life. It is the way, through the lighted path it has prepared for you, to immortal glory. It will introduce you to faculties of higher understanding and help you to transit the bridge between mortal and immortal.

Your inner presence combines all and everything in the oneness of its elemental nature. In its essence it is God so it knows all that God knows. It represents and is a fraction YET the whole of God’s light, God’s mind, Creation. Never can there be disunity within the realms of that inner conjunct;   for this fraternal energy is that which is real and capable of separation only through simulated thought by the very One who is its origin.

It is the ego mind of created man that carves a distinction in blissful unawareness that he hoards for himself that which is lesser and ostracizes through ignorance that which is more, all and sovereign. He alienates that which he seeks to discover in his very life i.e. himself. He chooses the finite above the infinite as his ego perception assures him that the finite is his measure. Yet it is the infinite, intangible energy within him that can inspire influence and motivate him to powerful awakening and achievement if he would but take the time to fan the embers of the infinite presence within. Man seeks his power in the reflection of matter and disregards that which is his natural, inbred empowerment.

The inner presence within each is the same. Unquenchable, unreserved, buoyant and serenely perfect, it requires pure application of lavish attention that its momentum builds to create a working rhythm with you that you eventually may assume its vibration and fragrance. This inner presence desires active matrimonial harmony through willing consummation that it may confer that balance  which becomes the perennial motivating energy in your life as mirrored in your perspective and actions.

Your inner presence is the faithful Husband/Wife, Father/Mother who loves without margin; with patient awaiting and who tolerates imbalanced patterns whilst always seeking to re direct you on your path. It offers comfort, forgiveness and transmutation without intrusive intent that you may progress through your lessons to fulfillment. It will never foist its power on you for it must be claimed never imposed. 

There is nothing eccentric about your inner presence. It manifests all that is perfect. It defines you when you can engage your energies in its perfection. You will never define your inner light for you are an extension of it and if allowed it  will define you through your outer expression of its manifested power.

As your inner presence assumes an increasingly dominant role in your life, your perceptions of you and your power will transition from ego orientation to celestial disposition. Once the bindings occur you will never wish to experience life without that ethereal presence. This delightful union will unearth, unleash and create miracles. It will provide you with a purpose to which you can apply and reflect its power and attributes, being your own, that you as mortal through immortal connection become the beacon, the way, the PRESENCE.



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3 Responses to INNER PRESENCE

  1. William Phillips says:

    thank you hazel

  2. johan plaisier says:

    Dear Hazel,

    thank you for sharing such eloquent words of wisdom. Indeed, when the combination of Inner Presence and Higher Knowledge give birth to Celestial Living through All Of Us who choose that walk that path, then what else can we possible be doing, but just BEING and allowing that Inner Presence to Light our Path, to lavishly still our hunger for Knowledge and Truth and Love and more Light will shine Within and Without, untill we BE LIGHT.

    Divine Peace, Love and Light,Johan, Saint Lucia.

  3. johan plaisier says:

    Dear Hazel,

    ones you reply to your (Hazel’s) beautiful elegant Inner Knowledge that comes from your soul, your heart, your Melchizedek infusion, if I may, seemingly drunk by the Spiritual Wisdom that awakens within, I can but hope that you have awakened just a little bit of that Melchizedek School of Spiritual Wisdom in me aswell, if only to recognize it and hope, that through your example, we may continue to hunger for more, while putting to practice what we have already been blessed with so far.

    Divine Peace, Love and Light, Johan, Saint Lucia.

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